Pregnancy is perhaps one of the most exciting and wholesome experiences in any married couple’s life – full of anticipation and impatience to welcome the baby into the world. The anticipation of the arrival of the baby also bears the excitement of thinking about their names. It is only imperative that every parent would want a unique baby name for their child, giving them an identity distinct from others from their very inception. This harbinger of joy with their beaming smiles and unique antics also deserves nothing less than a beautiful yet special name.

If you are looking forward to naming your baby starting with the letter ‘B’, search no further, for we bring you an amalgamation of unique baby boy names as well as unique baby girl names with a dash of modernity.

20 Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with the letter ‘B’

1. Baran – “rain” in Persian

baby boy name: Baran

2. Barhaan – strong, vigorous, sharp, and dazzling

baby boy name: Barhaan

3. Banit – polite

baby boy name: Banit

4. Bhrigu – a Hindu Prajapati boy

baby boy name: Bhrigu

5. Bhuvanesh – one of the names of Lord Vishnu

baby boy name: Bhuvanesh

6. Bhargav – Lord Shiva

cute baby named Bhargav sleeping

7. Bhavesh – originating from the Sanskrit word bhāva, ‘eesh’ symbolizing lord or ruler

baby boy name Bhavesh

8. Bhuminjaya – emerging from Hindu mythology, it was the name of Prince Uttara, son of Virata, who had proceeded to battle against the Kauravas

baby boy name: Bhuminjaya

9. Brihadumnya – a king, also the disciple of sage Raibhya

baby boy name: Brihadumnya

10. Bhoomik/Bhaumik – lord of the Earth, landowner

baby boy name: bhoomik/bhaumik

11. Bhavin – living, existing

baby boy name: bhavin

12. Bhavishay – future

baby boy name: bhavishay

13. Bhuvesh – king of the earth

baby boy name: bhuvesh

14. Bilal – originating from Arabic, moisture

baby boy name: bilal

15. Bidyut – a flash of lightning

baby boy name: bidyut

16. Bir – courageous, warrior

baby boy name: bir

17. Brihswa – originating from ‘Brihaspativar’

baby boy name: brihswa

18. Brirar – without pain

baby boy name: brirar

19. Briyaan – high hill

baby boy name: Briyaan

20. Brijesh – God of the land of Brij

baby boy name: Brijesh

20 Unique Baby Girl Names starting with the letter ‘B’

1. Baani – Ods voice

baby girl name: Baani

2. Baanti – God of Earth, wick

baby girl name: Baanti

3. Babra – originating from the Persian language, lucky

baby girl name: Babra

4. Barkha – rain

baby girl name: Barkha

5. Benaisha – originating from Benisha, dedicated, flashing

baby girl name: Benaishya

6. Bhairvi – one of the names of Goddess Parvati

baby girl name: Bhairvi

7. Bhanvi – sunrays

baby girl name: Bhanvi

8. Bhavika – cheerful, natural

baby girl name: Bhavika

9. Bhavni – originating from the Sanskrit word bhāva – emotion, call upon God

baby girl name: Bhavni

10. Bhavy – grand and splendid, another name of Goddess Parvati

baby girl name: Bhavy

11. Bhraahmi – originating from the Sanskrit language, the female energy of Brahma, sacred, holy

baby girl name: Bhraahmi

12. Bhuvika – heaven

baby girl name: Bhuvika

13. Bhumi – Earth

baby girl name: Bhumi

14. Bhumika – Earth, a role being played

baby girl name: Bhumika

15. Bhuvana – being, the Earth

baby girl name: bhuvana

16. Bianca – originating from Italian, white

baby girl name: Bianca

17. Brijita–originating from Celtic-Gaelic language, the exalted one

baby girl name: Brijita

18. Brinalini – originates from Mrinalini, collection of lotuses

baby girl name: Brinalini

19. Brinda – the Basil plant, Goddess Radha, accompanied by many

baby girl name: Brinda

20. Bushra – originating from the Arabic language, good news or omen

baby girl name: Bushra

Deciding a unique baby boy’s names or a baby girl’s name can be a potentially difficult task, even more so when you wish to come up with something traditional yet modern. These are only a few of the names from the myriad list of names available. To strive for exclusivity, you must not be afraid to invent and innovate the names which ring a bell for you.