Choosing a baby name is no less than a Herculean task. Most people spend the entire pregnancy choosing a newborn baby name but the moment they see their baby for the first time, they no longer are able to connect the name to the face. That moment takes you to ground 0 and triggers the cycle of creating baby name list all over again! Why wouldn’t it be, consider the amount of responsibility in baby naming- the child lives with that name throughout his life, whether it is a funny little name that you found cute, a hard to spell group of syllables or no less than a tongue twister.

Points to ponder before you finalize a baby name

Easy to spell and pronounce

You wouldn’t want your child struggle at every introduction, would you?

Difficult nicknamification

Be it school mates or colleagues- nobody cringes from rhyme your name with something funny. Witty of them, but discomfiture for your child to live with

Easy to explain meaning

Imagine a child avoids telling the correct name to evade the process of explaining the true meaning. It’s a true story!

A grown-up’s name

Don’t forget your child is going to be an adult one day and every newborn baby name might not sound as apt as an adult would want their name to be.

So here, we have a list of baby names that you can consider. Remember it took us extensive research and handpicking to come up with this succinct list so you don’t have to sift through top 250 baby names. Just tell your child where you picked the name from, and you owe us nothing.

Newborn Baby Girl Names

new born baby girl names

1. Anaya

Meaning: Without a superior, God has shown favour

Anaya is a pleasant name with is not very popular at the moment if you want a unique name for your daughter.

2. Chavvi

Meaning: Reflection or Image or Radiance

A beautiful name with beautiful meaning- this name has a Hindi origin too.

3. Dhriti

Meaning: Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Determination, Patience, Virtue

Who wouldn’t want all those attributes in their little one?

4. Falak

Meaning: Brave, Fearless

Falak also happens to be the name of a popular celebrity from TV Soap ‘Sasural Simar ka’

5. Hana

Meaning: Happiness

Oh yes! The name sounds and means happiness.

6. Kyra

Meaning: The Sun

The name of a Greek origin, can be pronounced either Ky-rah or kee-ruh

7. Meher

Meaning: Grace

More of a Punjabi name initially, the name is gaining a lot of grace lately.

8. Palak

Meaning: Guardian, Eye Lash

The name is mostly loved because every parent wants to give that space to their daughter (palkoin pe bitha ke rakhna)

9. Saira

Meaning: Princess

From Saira Bano to Saira Khan- this one sure is a celebrity name for your princess.

10. Triya

Meaning: Young woman

New and unique, short and sweet- Triya is a beautiful little name your daughter will thank you for.

11. Vanya

Meaning: Hindu female deity of forests

Care for Mother Nature? Campaign starts from home.

12. Widisha

Meaning: Intermediate region; knowledge

Very much Indian, yet so much fitting for an NRI kid; Widisha was King Ashoka’s wife too.

13. Zenia

Meaning: Noble, Eminent, Hospitable

Also a name of a beautiful baby pink flower – just like the pink cheeks of your little princess.

Newborn Baby Boy Names

newborn baby boy names

1. Sresht

Meaning: Best of All

Just like your beloved son, the newborn baby name is also Sresht!

2. Tanay

Meaning: Son

Short and sweet for a baby, dashing for a hunk male

3. Tarus

Meaning: Light

Another unique name your son would love when he grows up

4. Virak

Meaning: Intelligent

With the hope that name induces the attributes into the personality, lets choose intelligentsia.

5. Ekaant

Meaning: Solitary

Gen next for Ishaans and Ektas- Ekaant is surely an interesting name.

6. Garv

Meaning: Pride

Salman Khan fan? Go for it.

7. Ivaan

Meaning: God’s gracious gift

A Hindu origin name suitable for NRI families so pronunciation isn’t compromised

8. Reyan

Meaning: Fame

9. Shay

Meaning: Present, Gift

A short, two syllable name with a pleasant meaning and your boy will learn to write it before joining school!

10. Unal

Meaning: Fighter, Strong spirit

Another Arabic origin name with a soothing aural sense and a momentous meaning

11. Sanket

Meaning: Signal

Signal of joy and prosperity for your family, Sanket is a great name for a child.

12. Ahaan

Meaning: Dawn, Morning glory

We’ve had a popular baby girl name Ahaana floating for the past few years; it’s time to bring in the counterpart. Ahaan is a futuristic name with delightful yet striking resonance.